Bestpharma offers a broad range of tablet coating systems, many of which can be designed according to the Customer's needs.

We offer three systems of Bestcoat™ mixtures ready for preparation of coating suspensions. They are available in a wide range of colors[1].

BESTCOAT™ systems

The coatings are based on both synthetic and natural pigments

Each coating system is tailored to the Customer's needs.

The color of coating is tailored to the Customer's needs. (In the case of natural pigments, the number of available colors is limited)

Available for both the food, and pharmaceutical industry.[2]


We also provide free samples in order to verify the color. We start a batch production only after approval of the presented sample by the Customer.

Our advantage is our flexible approach to the Customer. We cooperate with companies which can set-up the coating process on every coating machine and train the staff in a particular process.

We encourage you to look through the details of our offer.








Coating preparation is very simple. The coating system comprises of a dry mixture of ingredients which are ready for direct preparation of the coating suspension. The system does not require a homogenizer. A container with a low speed mixer is enough.

Recommendations for correct use:




Suspension preparation

Container, tank for solution preparation


The container size should be adjusted to the amount of solution. The volume taken up by the solution in the tank should be from 60% to 75% of the whole tank.  The tank should be slender, i.e. higher than broader. It should be remembered that an another container is required for pouring the solution through a sieve before coating.

Mixer: size and speed


The type of mixer is very important, since using improper mixer can produce foam in the suspension, which is undesirable. The best way is to use a paddle mixer. The mixer should be immersed in the solution 3 - 5 cm from the bottom of the container or tank. Mixer speed should be adjusted, so as to form a swirl. The mixer diameter should be in the range of 1/4-1/3 of the container diameter.

Recommended concentrations of the suspension expressed as dry content


The solution concentration should be adjusted to the process and to the owned equipment.

The recommended solution concentration expressed as dry content is from 12% to 20%.

Water temperature


To prepare the coating suspension, you should use purified water with the room temperature of 30°C.

The procedure of dissolving (suspending) the dry coating mixture

The dry coating mixture should be poured into the water container directly into the swirl, with constant mixing. Too rapid pouring should be avoided, so as not to produce big agglomerates of the mixture. Also, you should not let the mixture float on the surface.

After adding the calculated amount of the mixture, you should decrease the mixer speed and continue mixing for 45 minutes.

Filtering of ready solution

Ready solution should be poured through a sieve with 0.4-mm holes in order to get rid of lumps, which prevents nozzles from blocking, and assures smooth surface of tablets.

The filtered solution should be constantly mixed at low speed, during the whole coating process.





Coating process

Preparation of tablet cores for the process


Bed temperature should be adjusted to the composition of tablet cores. If there are no restrictions associated with the stability of cores, it is recommended to warm up the bed up to 35°C.

The warming up of the bed should be conducted with the drum rotation being turned on from time to time.


Coating process parameters


The spraying air pressure depends on the nozzles applied and should be 2.2 bar - 3.2 bar. Before starting the process you should check the correctness of spraying, and particularly the shape of the sprayed suspension. It is best to do it outside the drum, by spraying the coating on a chosen flat surface, e.g. a steel tray.

After starting the process it is necessary to apply vacuum in the drum, which protects from excessive dusting.

The temperature of inlet air pressure and its flow rate should be adjusted to the owned equipment, the size of bed, number of nozzles, and the rotation rate of the drum. The recommended inlet air temperature should be 45-55°C.

It is recommended to apply slower rotation rate of the drum and slower spraying at the beginning of the process, in order to strengthen the cores.

Next process can be sped up to ensure its efficiency, while maintaining its quality parameters.


Mass increase

The increase of coating mass should be adjusted to the requirements of the process, the quality of cores, and marketing demands.

Most of the times, it is recommended to continue the process until a 3% to 4% increase of tablet mass is reached.


Termination of coating process

Before unloading, the bed should be dried up at 20 - 25°C, at the minimum rotational speed of the drum. The process should be continued for 20 minutes.


Tablets stabilizing

After the coating process is complete and the coated tablets are unloaded, they should be left for approximately 2 hours in open container to reach equilibrium with the environment.


[1] Color range based on the Pantone® color palette.

[2] For pharmaceutical products, it is necessary to inform BESTPHARMA about such intended use.