Omega-3 powders are manufactured using a breakthrough proprietary (U.S. patent pending) technology. Not only does this technology produce higher Omega-3 contents, it also gives oxidation stability. Omega-3 powder does not need to be refrigerated and is made from 100% fish oil or 100% plant oil.

Breakthrough Technology

It should be noted that advanced technology increases the purity and oxidation stability of the products. The health benefits and market demand have been the driving force to research, develop and manufacture Omega-3 powder and overcome the obstacles over easier use, freshness, purification and taste to provide the nutrition industry with optimal applications.

Why Bestpharma Omega-3 Powder?

●     Patented form to create nature GRAS Omega-3 powder

●     Non-microencapsulated powder - double on DHA and EPA contents

●     High purity and concentrations of Omega-3 from 100% fish oil or 100% plant oil

●     Carbohydrate and protein free

●     High bio - availability

●     No refrigeration needed with longer shelf life

●     Almost tasteless and odorless

●     Easy to use for smaller capsules, tablets or food applications

●     Manufacture customized Omega-3 powder to meet specific formulations

List of products:

●     Omega-3 F30 Powder - Fish origin, Omega-3 30% (EPA + DHA)

●     Omega-3 P50 Powder - Plant origin, Omega-3 50% (EPA + DHA + ALA)

●     Omega-3 PF40 Powder - Fish and plant origin

●     Omega-3 40%Omega-3 A35 Powder – Algae origin, DHA ≥35%