There are about 400 types of intestinal microorganisms. There are more than 100 trillion intestinal microorganisms (cf: the number of cells in human body is 60 trillion). They weigh about 1 kg per adult and form a characteristic flora in the body depending on the person's age. However, our digestive system is in jeopardy when the microorganism flora is disrupted due to the Western-style diet containing high fat and high protein contents, excess stress, irregular life style, lack of exercise and antibiotics.

Bestpharma is the exclusive partner of BIFIDO Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to research on human intestinal health.

BIFIDO Co., Ltd. has been focusing on Bifidobacterium strains and for 20 years in order to fully utilize science in nutritious and functional food materials for the improvement of human health and well-being. They focus on basic research and product development using probiotics. Among various probiotics, Bifidobacterium is considered to be the most beneficial microorganism for the maintenance of microbial balance in the intestinal tract. Nowadays, Bifidobacterium and other lactic bacteria are being applied widely in functional foods. BIFIDO is in the leading edge in the development of human-health promoting Bifidobacterium.

As a proud exclusive partner, Bestpharma offers the following bacterial strains in bulk or in mixes, as well as finished products with BIFIDO in-house formulations.